Course Overview

This course is about establishing the basic principles of distributed systems. It explains the scope of their functionality by discussing what they can and cannot achieve. It also covers the basic algorithms and protocols of distributed systems through easy-to-follow examples and diagrams that illustrate the thinking behind some design decisions and expand on how they can be practiced. This course also discusses some of the issues that might arise when doing so, eliminates confusion around some terms (e.g., consistency), and fosters thinking about trade-offs when designing distributed systems. Moreover, it provides plenty of additional resources for those who want to invest more time in gaining a deeper understanding of the theoretical aspects of distributed systems.

Takeaway Skills

Learn some complexities inherent in distributed systems.
Learn the key design problems in distributed systems.
Learn the key algorithms used in distributed systems.
Study the design of some real-life distributed systems.
Establish the concepts every system designer needs to know for efficient design of large-scale systems.
Learn the concepts software engineers need to know to make good use of distributed systems.

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