Cyber Security Awareness Secure Data & Combat Cyber Threats

Cyber Security Awareness Secure Data & Combat Cyber Threats


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This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about cyber security and how to combat the very real threats that everyone faces from hacking and catastrophic loss of data. This course is beginner-friendly, does not require technical cyber security skills, and is meant for everyone who wishes to help secure their own data, and their organisation’s data from hackers and cyber threats.

What  you will learn:

  • Define what cyber security is
  • Discuss the evolution of threats and the types of security goal
  • Learn the Importance of cyber security
  • Explain the differences between Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk
  • Differentiate Networking Devices such as Router and Switch
  • Differentiate IP, MAC, and PORT Address
  • Define DNS and VPN
  • Learn Hacking and the different Types of Hackers
  • Explore the needed skills set and job profiles in the field of cyber security
  • Learn the fundamentals of networking and security
  • Discuss the layers of the OSI Model
  • Explain the different networking protocols such as TCP, HTPP, UDP, ARP, and DHCP
  • How to troubleshoot a network to improve security
  • Learn the different  attacks
  • Know the different types of malware and how they affect security
  • Explain the Man in the Middle and Denial of Service Attack
  • Discuss what is Distributed Denial of Service Attack
  • How to recognize Sniffing, Phishing, SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, and Post Scanning Attack
  • Define Cryptography and why we need it for cyber security
  • Discuss important terminologies in Cryptography
  • Know the different ciphers
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Symmetric and Asymmetric Keys
  • Learn what is Digital Signature and the Signing and Verification Process
  • Know how to check the Integrity of a Message
  • Discuss the different security measures
  • Learn the various types of firewalls and their security
  • Learn Cyber Law and why there is a need for it
  • Discuss the classifications of cyber crime
  • Definition, Process and Digital Forensics
  • …and more!

Contents and Overview

You’ll start with What is Cyber security; Evolution of Cyber Threats; Three Types of Security Goals; Importance of cyber security; Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk; Networking Devices such as Router and Switch; What is an IP Address; What is a MAC Address; What is a PORT Address; What is DNS and VPN; Learn Hacking and the different Types of Hackers; Job Profiles in the field of cyber security; Important cyber security Skills.

Then you will learn about Computer Networks; The OSI Model; OSI Layers Protocols; HTTP Protocol; TCP Protocol; UDP Protocol; the Difference between UDP and TCP Protocol; DHCP Protocol; ARP Protocol; What is an IP address and its types; What is a Port Address and its types; Network Troubleshooting; What is an Attack; Categories of Cyber Attacks; Password attack and its types; Malware Attack; Types of Malware; Man in the Middle Attack; Sniffing Attack; DOS Attack; What is DDOS Attack; Phishing Attack; SQL Injection Attack; Example of SQL Injection Attack; Cross-site Scripting Attack; Post Scanning Attack.

We will also cover Post Scanning Attack; The Need for Cryptography; Basic Cryptography System; What is Encryption; What is Decryption; Define Plain text; What is Secret Key; What is Cipher text; Cryptography System; Cryptography in everyday life; Types of Cryptography; Symmetric Key Cryptography; Asymmetric Key Cryptography; What is Hashing; Hashing Algorithm; Techniques of Hashing; What is Substitution Cipher; What is Transposition Cipher; Cesar Cipher and how it works; Transposition Cipher; Stream Cipher; Block Cipher; Advantages of Symmetric Key Cryptography; Why Asymmetric key cryptography is important; Advantages of Asymmetric Key Cryptography; Digital Signature; Signing and Verification Process; How to check the Integrity of a Message and increase security

This course will also tackle Security Measures; What is a Firewall; Types of Firewall; Cyber Law; Why there is a need for  Cyber Law; What is Cyber Crime; Classification of Cyber Crime; Cyber Crimes Against Person; Cyber Crime Against Persons Property; Cyber Crime against Government; Cyber Crime against Society at Large; Definition of Digital Forensics; Process of Digital Forensics; Digital Forensics.

Who are the Instructors?

Vijal Jain is your lead instructor – a professional making a living from teaching cyber security. As a cyber security expert, she has joined with content creator Peter Alkema to bring you this amazing new course.

You’ll get premium support and feedback to help you become more confident with finance!

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Peter and Digital Regenesys

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are searching their career in cyber security.
  • Those who want to save their sensitive data from hackers
  • Those who want to become professional in cyber security
  • IT professionals and cyber security managers


  • No requirement, we shall start from basic and end at advanced to become you pro in cyber security
  • Access to an internet connection, computer, and network
  • Must have ability to follow the step by step instructions during downloading and installation of software
  • Basic understanding of cyber security is a plus. However, this is not quite necessary

Last Updated 5/2022

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