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Options Trading Workshops by PR Sundar Download Free

Download Options Trading Workshops by PR Sundar for free

Hi Guys, This is one of the most requested course by audience So wait is over and here is the course. Download PR Sundar Options Trading course for free

Options Trading Workshops by PR Sundar Download Free

Course Description:

Earn the art of making money consistently & more importantly the art of not losing money in adverse situations using the best adjustment and firefighting strategies devised by India’s top Options Trader P R Sundar.

The workshop is 50% Live, 50% Recorded. You need to watch all the chapters on the site, after watching each chapter, you need to join ZOOM Meeting where P R Sundar will be available for a live Q&A session; doubts and queries regarding that chapter will be clarified + additional tips and guidance will be provided.

Pre-Requisite: Basic to Intermediate Knowledge in Options Trading.

Minimum Capital required to benefit from this workshop:
1-Day Workshop: ₹10 Lakhs.
2-Day Workshop: ₹25 Lakhs.

Never borrow money for trading or for paying fees.

1-Day Workshop

  •  6 Trading Strategies (Suitable for 10L+ Capital)
  •  Adjustments & Firefighting – Basics
  •  Margin & Risk Management

2-Day Workshop

  •  Everything Taught in 1-Day Workshop
  •  Adjustments & Firefighting – Advanced
  •  Another 6 Trading Strategies (Suitable for 25L+ Capital)
  •  Portfolio Hedging

Course Link – Click here

Download Course:

Part 1: Click here DescriptionKey: fONRjpTKy3pX229geC4ONoYPAg660V1gPlJ9LEgE1TU

Part 2: Click here DescriptionKey: vTE8m8GC8n-GEjU__hfb0urTiQ0dpYvXDIgHA3mRhE4

Options Strategy PDF: Click here DescriptionKey: 7SlQCFGE7Cb0MYDDEwrLT_pc4kauCmNWvzBaYsn-I3o

Other Parts: Click here DescriptionKey: Asnkw1-xRlhJghU_4GEY3g

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