PLC Programming of Allen Bradley, Delta, Siemens, Omron & Schneider using LIVE Examples with HMI Interfacing
What Will I Learn?
  • To Learn Ladder Logic Programming
  • PLC Wiring Concepts & Troubleshooting

  • To Teach Programming to Technician & Engineer

  • PLC Software (Included in the Course)

Today, PLC are being used in every Process & Manufacturing Industries, besides knowing the Wiring & Connection, one must know how to program a PLC. Unless, you know how the brain works, it’s extremely difficult to troubleshoot a process. This course will explain how you can Wire, Design & Program a PLC.

Besides you will find the usage of various softwares like ITS PLC and dedicated hardware trainers to create motivational learning platform. Also you will find quizzes in various section of the courses to evaluate yourself. Following is the brief information about the course:

Brief Outline:

  1. High Quality Video Tutorials on PLC Wiring, Installation & Programming
  2. PLC E-books, Test, Manuals, Circuit Diagrams, text tutorials Included
  3. This course will help you to Program the PLC for your Project Work, Industrial Application, Home Automation, Factory Automation Projects etc.
  4. Ladder Logic Programming

Course Outline

  • 230+ PLC Video Tutorials
  • Doubt Clearing Complementary LIVE Sessions
  • Ladder Logic Programming
  • PLC Presentations, PLC Circuits, PLC Codes
  • FREE PLC Simulation Software for Practice

PLC – Programmable Logic Controller

  • Delta DVP 14 SS + 16 SP
  • Allen Bradley M1000
  • Siemens S7 200
  • Schneider
  • Omron CP1E

Analog Cards Programming

  • 04 AD – Analog to Digital
  • 04DA- Digital to Analog
  • Allen Bradley IF2OF2
  • Siemens Inbuilt in S7-200 XP

About Us:

NFI is an Industrial Automation Training Academy exists to bridge the skill gap between Industries Engineering Colleges. We train students/professionals in Automation skills that can help them in securing their path to success. NFI provides quality education in the field of industrial automation control systems that are being installed across industries. The course material is designed in a way that helps students in acquiring knowledge of these systems and use revolutionary thinking to keep the productivity and profitability high while reducing downtime of machines and troubleshoot the systems faster

NFI offers E-Learning Industrial Automation Courses to facilitate the students & engineers far across the world. NFI uses motivational Learning tools software Self learning Video tutorial for flexible & easy learning. Enrolled candidates gets FREE Software’s circuits which are used in the training programs. This helps them to practice for themselves after the course ends.

Who is the target audience?
  • PLC Programmers
  • Engineers – Production & Maintenance
  • Technicians

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