[Download] IIT JEE MAINS & ADVANCED-Physics-Chemistry-Maths–Kota Lectures

Hi Guys, We are adding this IIT JEE Mains Syllabus and Content to clear your IIT JEE Exam.

These are all premium quality (Self-checked all) Lectures.
*Now as we all know, The Problem we all are facing, The CORONAVIRUS, *
*so in these bad times, many students are not getting the proper education, *
so here is a Lil effort towards making the JEE Aspirant’s lives Easier.
Start Reaching towards your goal by making small efforts starting here.

So my advice on How to watch and learn these Lectures –
1- Daily watch AT-LEAST 1 lecture of each Subject
2- Make Fair Notes of all the lectures u watch and get a step closer to your IIT Dream!!!

I bet you can’t find more like these. (Pssst… If u do PLEASE SHARE TO HELP EVERYONE IN NEED!!!)
These are, the all-time best lectures (Etoos Education Lectures From Paid Courses) Anyone can find on the Goddamn INTERNET!!!

Here we GOOOOOO-


1.NV Sir Complete Physics – Click Here Decryption Key – BZ2evH-HL6eLZ1eSWldd3g/folder/ytkgGTaS
2.NM Sir Complete Physics –
Click Here Decryption Key – 5W7coiHN7Tt9oo0TBpEwZQ/folder/Pg5A2J4K
3.AJN Sir Complete Physics(Pt.1) –
Click Here Decryption Key – PkXT3CB3JMBf5VzpI5FmQQ/folder/1dpiATTB
4.AJN Sir Complete Physics(Pt.2) –
Click Here
Decryption Key – W8OdY2bMiE09M6Gow-92Iw/folder/NFsGUBIL
5.NKC Sir (OLD) Complete Physics –
Click Here Decryption Key – ZRGCxcVyhIbn2eq3MmW0cw/folder/RrQmgDxR
6.NKC Sir Complete Physics (NEW) Pt.1 –
Click Here Decryption Key – LfGiNiYeLA9rmqJe8OfT9Q/folder/O5EQAJyL 
7.NKC Sir Complete Physics (NEW) Pt.2 –
Click Here Decryption Key – V7wuk-XLokJu_snqbVoQ7g/folder/CJN0VDJa
8.Rapid Crash Course of Physics for JEE Main 2020 by ANU Sir
Click Here Decryption Key – dwDlQCEMJePVoPLz-aKm7Q/folder/mhVyGBTR


1.GB Sir Complete Mathematics(Pt.1) –
https://mega.nz/folder/wYsDHAIT#qAzWFmrhHSYN08Zs-BO1nw 6.6k

2.GB Sir Complete Mathematics(Pt.2) –https://mega.nz/folder/ZQhiUbwb#ntD3KDXTzKuvqIBwjsOm9w 1.8k
3.GB Sir Rapid Revision Complete Mathematics- https://mega.nz/folder/vgA1FaZS#B60HUA_aUTZ_U3ToCL9dpA 975
4.MC Sir Rankbooster Complete Mathematics- https://mega.nz/folder/4FZzUQQY#CtUvoD0ioD7fRR0ux7miwA 824
5.GB Sir Problem Solving Complete Mathematics- https://mega.nz/folder/nYF0WB6b#S6hUYEzxZIX7RXBtf8es8A 747
6.Rapid Crash Course of Mathematicsfor JEE Main 2020 by GB Sir – https://mega.nz/folder/wzBWQR5b#nzWIIqS-_xPjwqO_GCN1fA 1.6k
7. Class12 Complete Trignometry (GB Sir) – https://mega.nz/folder/qEM03TbY#MgW0Zzo9HSh0yHCt22getQ 305
8. Class12 Complete Straight Lines (GB Sir) – https://mega.nz/folder/6MEA3RqA#jyi38KyJSeDZhw8Q-tx0mA 246
9. GB Sir Latest Complete Mathematics (104gb, Thanks to @another1 ) – https://mega.nz/folder/Gl8nAIQJ#4Kn6k8GcRg1lS39BaLcvyg 9.9k


Physical&Inorganic Chem.-

1.PS Sir Complete Physical&Inorganic Chemistry – https://mega.nz/folder/vxJWkJZD#kqblYOWEAZCGxD7wzioeeA 4.7k
2.JH Sir Complete(Pt.1) Physical&Inorganic Chemistry – https://mega.nz/folder/FU0mwBoD#MtV0qaYeW5pnWVpPOUwNkw 1.3k
3.JH Sir Complete(Pt.2) Physical&Inorganic Chemistry – https://mega.nz/folder/kR9F1DzA#7r3huLAu4TJkzggW3Etkkg 2.6k
4.Rapid Crash Course of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry for JEE Main 2020 by PS Sir – https://mega.nz/folder/j4EClb7b#eZIe74AaHDUTT6LaxNCB1w 1.9k

Organic Chem.-

1.NJ Sir(OLD) Complete Organic Chemistry –
https://mega.nz/folder/HtA0yRoD#nQGeXbOpU91W8csxop3q2w 1.1k
2.Nj Sir(New) Complete Organic Chemistry –
https://mega.nz/folder/epJhCQhb#jWRlYW_5QTYu4YGWCAJwAg 1.9k
3.DT Sir Complete Organic Chemistry –
https://mega.nz/folder/EZMR0SIB#WeVcJ8HR8_Qw6u5iT7vZsg 2.0k
4.Rapid Crash Course of Organic Chem. for JEE Main 2020 –
https://mega.nz/folder/hqYwBbaS#ZwoGzKw3_dpZHbOkd8oMwA 1.1k

Books Collections-

1.Physics – https://mega.nz/folder/YFED2aBI#66v5ecMPUdYK8kD9Kptsug 2.4k
2.Chemistry – https://mega.nz/folder/xV1jzTbD#fdBol1oTORhi9lUvL7GZtg 1

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