How to buy SHIB coin in India using INR/RUPEE ?

How to buy SHIB coin in India ? #SHIB

Guys, you might be wondering what is all the fuss about the new Crypto Currency SHIB. Well.. there is a reason why it is getting so much fame within a short period of time!How to buy SHIB coin in India

WHY SHIB Coin is Famous?

If we see, since the day it was launched, the SHIB coin has got 26376 % of humongous returns (PROFIT) in last 60 days & 1,970.57 % profit in last 7 days. If we compare the next most famous and talked about crypto coin recently that got too much hype, DOGEcoin, the ELON MUSK’s Favourite, than the SHIB has crossed its maximum returns in just a few weeks.

This has been named as “DOGE KILLER” Crypto Coin. It has been claimed as the highly successful in decentralised spontaneous community building. Hence being the “COMMUNITY DRIVEN” coin which makes it different from other currencies.

The coin’s appearance resembles the same hunting dog from Japan, the Shiba Inu, which rose in popularity from DOGEcoin. In fact, even Elon Musk is very fond of Shiba Inu puppy.


Well.. earlier till now it was only listed in International Exchange Platforms like Binance &, but now you can purchase this on your one of the favourite INDIAN app.

The steps to buy this currency are :

  1. If you are a new user to WazirX, go to the this link : Click Here
  2. And complete the necessary KYC process, it is really simple and user friendly.
  3. It gets approved within 2-3 hours which enables the transactions to happen.
  4. Now, deposit INR/RUPEE in your WazirX wallet using your bank account.
  5. In exchange searchbox, type SHIB and select SHIB/INR and then buy the currency for the amount you wish to invest.

Follow the guidelines in the screenshot below :


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